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11 Sep 2020
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Oak Island Weather Updates

Just after 4pm yesterday, September 10, 2020, MRA was notified through a public notice that the Town of Oak Island would begin its Emergency Dune Project on Friday, September 11, 2020. 

The project will consist of crews moving down the coastline in both east and west directions to push sand from the mean low tide water line to create a protective dune. The Town has informed us that the beach will be closed in the work zones each day and that the public must stay out of those zones as a result. 

A screenshot of the notice may be found below. For information on the project, visit the Town website at

While we realize the need for this project as it will protect our beaches during future storms, we also realize the inconvenience this might pose for our guests with regard to their vacations.

We request your patience and understanding as the Town works to restabilize the dunes, and as we navigate its potential effects on our guests. Should you have any questions, please email us at

Town of Oak Island Public Notice on Emergency Dune Project