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Hurricane Ian Brings Heavy Winds, Rain & Coastal Flooding

After devastating areas in Florida and making its way offshore, Hurricane Ian made landfall again in Georgetown, South Carolina yesterday. Areas along the Carolina coast felt much of its impacts throughout yesterday and well into the night. Heavy winds and rain, coastal flooding and storm surge affected the areas of Southport, Caswell Beach and Oak Island all day Friday and well into the night. As of this morning, the rains and winds have subsided and the process of recovery, and property checks for guest arrivals begin. Information relative to MRA guests on property and scheduled to arrive today will be found at the bottom of this update.

Declarations & Closures

A State of Emergency declaration was made by both the Town of Oak Island and City of Southport just prior to the storm's arrival. As of this morning's update, no declaration had been shared for the Town of Caswell Beach.

Town of Oak Island 

Please note that as of the 9:00am Town of Oak Island update, the following services and areas are affected and/or closed:

  • The Public Boat Ramp at NE 55th Street
  • The Malcolm Register Park at NE 52nd Street
  • Multiple locations of standing water exist on ALL of Beach Drive, Yacht Drive and Ocean Drive. (Avoid these areas if possible, do not drive in flood waters!)

Please note that the Town and much of the Town-managed locations like the Oak Island SplashPad and Pier could remain closed throughout the weekend depending on damage assessment. The Town of Oak Island has deployed five (5), two-person damage assessment teams who will begin initial assessments on any structural damage. The Town is also reviewing the beach areas using aerial methods. Once this review is complete, the Town will make the video available to the public, likely on the Town Hurricane Update page.

City of Southport 

Please note that as of the 9:00am check of the City of Southport website, the following locations were closed:

  • City Offices
  • Visitors' Center
  • City Gym
  • City Pier & Dock

This information could change, but please keep in mind that it is the weekend and damage assessments will need to occur prior to any location re-opening to the public. For accurate, current information, please refer to the City of Southport website, or to the City of Southport's Emergency Information Facebook page.

MRA Operations

As of this morning, MRA's property management office opened at 8:30am and we are beginning the process of property checks. Properties with arriving guests will be our top priority, and then vacant properties will follow. Please note that our office will be working with an extremely limited staff to handle any incoming communications: phone calls, emails, and/or text messages. We ask that you keep this in mind when reaching out. Our primary concerns for the day will be attending to guests and owners on property and scheduled to arrive today. 

Guest Information

Guests On Property

If you are a guest and/or owner who rode out the storm, please let us know if you have any concerns or problems following the hurricane. While we will be working with limited staff, we are here to assist you and your safety is our primary concern. If you experienced any maintenance issue as a result of the storm, please email them to us at so that we may assess and address as we are able. Your patience and understanding will be much appreciated.

Guests Arriving Today or Tomorrow (October 1 or 2)

We will be working to conduct damage assessments and property checks throughout much of the day. Properties will either be deemed suitable or unsuitable for your arrival. In EITHER case, MRA will send you an email and text message to let you know  if the property you have rented is suitable for your arrival or if it has been deemed unsuitable. Please note that you will still receive our normal automated communications during this time. Please refer to the following list for more information on how each situation will be handled:

Guests Whose Rented Property is SUITABLE FOR ARRIVAL

If the property you have rented is deemed suitable for your arrival, you will be sent an email and text message alerting you of this fact. You will then continue to follow our normal arrival procedures based on if the property you have rented is keyless access entry or a traditional key (and require a check-in packet from our office). Please note that you should expect a delayed arrival time. While we traditionally accept arrivals between 3pm and 5pm, arrivals could be delayed as we will be "all hands on deck" coordinating property checks. Please be mindful of your emails and text messages that will alert you to the suitability, and then also when the property is officially released (as they will be separate communications.)

Please note that upon your arrival, you may experience minor issues with the property you have rented, i.e, sand on property, exterior furniture pulled inside, minor maintenance problems like missing siding, or debris in the yard, etc. Please understand that while properties are deemed suitable, we have not had the staffing or vendor access to alleviate minor issues given the short amount of time between the storm's passing and your arrival.

Guests Whose Rented Property is UNSUITABLE FOR ARRIVAL

If the property you have rented is deemed UNSUITABLE for your arrival, you will be sent an email and text message alerting you of this fact. For unsuitable properties, MRA is able to provide arriving guests with the following flexibilities at this time:

  • Relocation: If you wish, MRA can try to move your stay to another rental property in our inventory. We will do our best to relocate your stay to a comparable property; however, please note that our inventory may be limited. Additionally, guests who wish to relocate may have to delay their arrival by a day or two (2) while staff works to determine the safety of the remaining properties in our inventory. (As a reminder, we are prioritizing checks on properties with arriving guests.) You will need to alert the office as to any specific wishes with regard to a replacement property, i.e., number of bedrooms, dog-friendly, etc.
  • Refund: If you wish to cancel your reservation, MRA will work to process your refund for your reservation cost under our Vacation Rental Agreement terms and conditions. Please understand that the refund could take up to two (2) weeks to fully process given everything currently going on. Please note that we will process them as quickly as we are able to do so. 

Guests whose property is deemed unsuitable will need to contact the office as soon as possible to alert us of the option you have chosen so that we may proceed with next steps.

As always, MRA continues to monitor the situation and will communicate to guests as we are able. We request that you be mindful of your emails and text messages from our office as they will include important information. If any future guest arrivals are affected, please note that we will communicate to you as we are able. While our office is open, we ask for your patience and understanding as our ability to respond to communications may be delayed during this time as our efforts are focused on the immediate situation.