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Update: 07/07/2021, 3:50pm

At this time, we are closely monitoring the path and trajectory of Tropical Storm Elsa. Per our phone call with the Town of Oak Island this morning, we do not anticipate any evacuation orders being issued in advance of the storm. We expect to operate under normal business hours and procedures for the remainder of the week and upcoming weekend.

We anticipate heavy rains and winds. Given the heavy rain that we received this morning, we also expect additional flooding and ponding on the roads. Per the Town, they are at the ready to start pumping the excess water. We have emailed requesting our guests currently on property to remove any light exterior furniture from the exterior areas and to move them into the property. Additionally, any umbrellas or shades should be taken down if at all possible. If guests have trouble, they have been asked to call the office for assistance. Guests in flood-prone areas have been emailed making them aware of that and asking them to let us know if they should need assistance in any way.

As always, we ask that you remain "weather aware" for your safety. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office by email to