Oak Island NC | Area Guide

Area Guide

10:15 pm

If you’re planning vacation to Oak Island NC, our comprehensive Area Guide will be your best resource for discovering all that we have to offer. You can find an array of dining options, adventure activities (have you tried the stand-up paddleboard craze yet?) and even an abundance of activities for the history buffs in your family.

  • Restaurants – From international cuisine to ice cream to breakfast or brunch, you can find what you’re craving right here.
  • Adventure Activities – See Oak Island from a new perspective, perhaps a birds eye view from a helicopter or a fish eye view scuba diving.
  • Family Fun Activities – Spend quality family time together and have fun – we’ve got so many family fun activities.
  • Golf Information – Over 30 golf courses in Brunswick County alone and some of the best are right here in Southport and Oak Island.
  • Museum & Historical Sites – We have a rich history in these parts and many ways to explore the area through museums and historical sites.
  • Where To Find Things – Check here to find things that you need to know on vacation – boat ramps, marinas, bait and tackle shops to name a few.
  • Event Calendar – Stay in the know about fun area events that can add an element of fun to your vacation.
  • Pet Information – Check out the dog park or find out where to get emergency services for your favorite four-legged family pets.

Rest assured you will not be at a loss for things to do. True, you could spend endless hours, even days, on our wonderful beaches soaking in the warm sun, building sand castles, playing Frisbee with the dog, hunting seashells and splashing in the water…However, with so many other attractions and activities off the beach, it would be a shame to miss out! Explore the island and all it has to offer from the navigation on the left or below.