Long Term Rental Property Management

Benefits of Property Management

12:21 pm

0 - House of MoneyMargaret Rudd & Associates specializes in property management for long-term rentals. With over 30 years of experience and know-how, we can help property owners add value to their investment while reducing the stress, time and money involved in managing their property themselves. Here are six great reasons to consider Margaret Rudd & Associates for property management of your rental investment property.

1. Thorough Tenant Screening Process = Higher Quality Tenants

One of the most important benefits the Margaret Rudd property management team brings to the table is a thorough tenant screening process that results in higher quality tenants. Our experience screening thousands of applicants allows us to quickly notice red flags that could result in much aggravation if a bad tenant slips through the cracks. Our process also protects landlords from potential discrimination lawsuits that result from an inconsistent screening process. With higher quality tenants in your home, the odds are stacked in your favor that they will pay on time, rent longer and take better care of your unit.

2. Keeping Those Great Tenants

Our seasoned property management team will help you keep your great tenants happy and loving their rental experience in your property. Better tenant retention not only saves you lost rent when the unit is not occupied, but the turnover process involves many other time-consuming and expensive items such as painting and repairs, changing the locks, cleaning, marketing, screening candidates and showings. Margaret Rudd & Associates treats your tenants like our customers and we excel in customer service. We respond quickly to issues or needed repairs in the home, we make the rent payment process easy and we check-in often with the tenants to make sure all is well.

3. Less Legal and Financial Hassles

As a landlord, are you well versed in your state’s landlord-tenant laws? If not, you are opening yourself up to potential lawsuits in a variety of areas such as tenant screening, safety of the property, evictions, lease terminations, security deposits, rent collection and inspections (just to name a few!). Margaret Rudd & Associates property management team stays abreast of landlord-tenant laws in North Carolina and have carefully developed procedures throughout our process to help save you significant financial and legal headaches.

4. Fill Vacancies Faster

An empty property hemorrhages money and sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to managing your own property. Margaret Rudd & Associates are experts at the three key areas necessary to filling property vacancies faster: helping landlords identify cosmetic improvements that maximize revenue; determining the optimal rent rate for the local market and effectively marketing your property through traditional and online methods that get in front of tens of thousands of people each week.

5. Maintenance Made Easy = Money Saved

Another time and money saver that Margaret Rudd & Associates brings to the table our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to maintenance issues, thus keeping good tenants happy. Our in-house maintenance staff is skilled at fixing most everyday type of issues and for larger projects such as plumbing or electrical problems, we have a strong network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors that we know does quality work at a great price.

6. Rent Enforcement

If you’ve been a landlord for longer than a month, then you’ve probably already heard your fair share of reasons why rent will be late. Collecting rent on-time and maintaining cash flow is one of the biggest sticking points for landlords. Our property management team provides a buffer between landlords and tenants. Most tenants know that a property manager is obligated to enforce the terms of the lease and collect that rent on-time (their job is on the line), so they are less likely to present excuses in the first place. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that eviction is required, Margaret Rudd and Associates understands the strict laws that accompany this process and can handle this rough patch on your behalf.

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