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Helpful Information for Your Oak Island Vacation

You're either in the midst of planning your family vacation to Oak Island, or you're already here and wondering where the most accessible beach access is located. You may have brought your fur baby along for the week but do not want to break any local laws with regards to pets on the island. Maybe you just need clarification on if you can leave your canopy on the beach overnight. Below are a few general guidelines to follow during your Oak Island vacation.

Things to Keep in Mind During Your Oak Island Vacation

  • No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the beach or in beach access areas.
  • Beach gear and personal items (including chairs and canopy frames) cannot be left unattended between 8:30pm and 7:00am. Items left overnight are subject to removal and a $50.00 fine for recovery.
  • Please remember that dunes are restricted areas. You should only access the beach using marked, designated areas. Gear including towels, canopies, chairs, toys, food, containers, etc. must NOT be placed on the dunes. 
  • Beach gear must be kept at least 10 feet away from turtle nests and 15 feet away from marked emergency accesses.
  • Please stay off the dunes. Only use designated walkways to access the beach.
  • Remember to pack up your trash and either take it with you or use the provided containers at the beach access.
  • Fill and level all holes before you leave the beach for the day. This not only provides safety to other visitors, but also to the sea turtles.

For additional information on everything from local area leash laws to handicap accessible beach access locations, please use the links below. If you have trouble finding the information you need here, remember that our reservations specialists are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Simply reach out to our office by email to or call us at (800) 486-5441.