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4-Island-Life-Girl-FishingOak Island NC and surrounding areas are well known for all things fishing! Fishing has long been part of its history and part of its lifestyle. We hope that while you visit that you get a chance to cast a line and reel in the big one! There have been several world record fish caught in these waters over the years.

Margaret Rudd & Associates has a great selection of vacation rentals with boat docks that make it simple for you to enjoy easy access to your boat (may be tide dependent). These vacation homes are great for tenants with kayaks and canoes as well – but don’t forget the best part…crabbing off the dock!


No matter where you are fishing – from a boat or from the beach, if you are over 16 years old, you must have a CFRL (Coastal Recreational Fishing License) for freshwater and saltwater rod and reel fishing.

Licenses range from $15-$30 depending on residency and type and can be purchased at most sporting good and tackle shops, including Wal-Mart. Contact the North Carolina Wildlife Organization (888.248.6834) for more information.

For-hire vessels and ocean fishing piers have the option to purchase a blanket license that covers all their fishing patrons, so you may not need the license to fish on a certain pier or charter boats; be sure to ask.


Oak Island Fishing Pier | Oak Island, NC | (910) 278-6464 | Website

— $0.50 charge to walk the pier (children under 10 free)
— Closes at midnight
— Handicap accessible

1-Southport-Pier-FishermanOcean Crest Pier | Oak Island, NC | (910) 278-6464 | Website
— $1 charge to walk the pier
— Closes when fish stop biting
— Handicap accessible

Southport City Pier | Southport, NC | (910) 457-7927
— Free to public
— Sun up to sun down
— Handicap accessible



clint4Charter fishing is a great adventure for the entire family, no matter the experience level. The excitement of reeling in a giant fish is fun for the entire family, not just the salty dogs.

Our area is well known for excellent fishing throughout the year and trips can be tailored to fit your group – freshwater or saltwater, inshore, offshore or gulf-stream, quarter-day to full-day – whatever floats your boat!  Click here for a list of seasoned, Coast Guard licensed captains and charters! 


Bald Head Island Marina | Bald Head Island, NC | (910) 457-7380 | Website

Blue Water Point Marina | Oak Island, NC | (910) 278-1230 | Website

Deep Point Marina | Southport, NC | (910) 457-5000 | Website

Indigo Plantation Marina | Southport, NC | (910) 457-7401 | Website

Marina at St. James Plantation | St. James, NC | (910) 253-0463 | Website

South Harbor Village Marina | Oak Island, NC | (910) 454-7486 | Website

Southport Marina | Southport, NC | (910) 457-9900 | Website


Boiling Spring Lakes Boat Ramp & Dock | BSL, Southport, NC

55th Street East Boat Ramp | Oak Island, NC

57th Street West Boat Ramp | Oak Island, NC

Wildlife Boat Ramp | Oak Island, NC (mainland)

Canoe & Kayak Ramp | Oak Island, NC

Tidal Waves Park Canoe & Kayak Ramp | Oak Island, NC


Clem’s Seafood | 4351 Long Beach Road, Southport, NC | (910) 457-6958

Dutchman Creek Bait & Tackle | 4019 Long Beach Road, Oak Island, NC | (910) 457-1221

Oak Island Pier | 705 Ocean Drive, Oak Island, NC | (910) 278-6464

Oak Island Sporting Goods | 8800 E. Oak Island Drive, Oak Island, NC | (910) 278-9872

Wild Life Bait & Tackle | 4600 Fish Factory Road, Southport, NC | (910) 457-9903