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27 Jan 2020
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Oak Island Trip Planning

Value in Vacation Rentals

Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc. is thrilled to participate in the first annual Vacation Rental Week - the vacation and holiday rental industry's first of its kind! We'd like to take the opportunity to highlight the value and key benefits of professionally-managed vacation rentals for guests, and to encourage you to book a stay directly with a professional agency like us!

As a guest, vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels in every aspect, offering much more for your money.

Vacation Rental Benefits

  • Additional space,
  • Privacy,
  • Convenience, and
  • Amenities included.

Along with this added value, your options are constantly increasing as the industry itself experiences rapid growth each year, meaning there are more available properties, more variety, and more destinations to choose from. Margaret Rudd & Associates offers a wonderful variety with guests having the ability to search rentals by any of the following characteristics.

Area or Distance to Ocean

Amenity or Dog-Friendly Status

Vacation rentals also present you with a unique opportunity to create a more personalized, memorable vacation experience when compared with traditional hotels. You'll have the practical comfort of an actual residence, the ability to explore the neighborhood, and the opportunity to discover aspects of your destination you might not encounter when staying at a hotel. If you're vacationing with a group of family or friends, vacation rentals are an excellent option, typically offering multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local entertainment.

The Oak Island Vacation Rental Experts

Finding a vacation rental to book is fast and easy, especially on our website. Our vacation rental experts are also available in office, seven days per week to assist you in your vacation planning needs. Simply email us at or call the office at (800) 486-5441.

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