Best of Oak Island

Maggie Award for Best Vacation Rental Company
It's only March and 2019 has already been a big year for Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc. Not only did we kick off a big software conversion with Barefoot Technologies Corporation and a website upgrade with Bluetent , we also survived the aftermath of Hurricane...Read more
Most Romantic Restaurants in Southport Oak Island NC
With Valentine’s Day approaching and as a quick reference for those date nights with the one you love, we thought we’d revisit our list of romantic restaurants that populate the Southport - Oak Island area. We’re super proud to say that it’s a great selection...Read more
When It Rains On Your Oak Island Vacation
Summer in coastal North Carolina ushers in more than just warm weather and vacationers. Well, to be honest, any season will bring a bit of unsavory weather complete with thunderstorms, heavy winds and rain. Oak Island offers much more than just sandy shorelines and gorgeous...Read more
Free Things To Do in Southport and Oak Island NC
The Southport and Oak Island NC area offers fun things to do throughout the year – many of which are FREE! Of course, our favorite free thing to do is to visit the 14 miles of beautiful beaches. Whether for a sunrise or sunset stroll,...Read more