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Top 5 Coffee Shops You'll Like a Latte

Mmmmmmmmm, coffee. If you're anything like us, you are a full-blown coffee addict. There is nothing better than taking that first sip of delicious coffee early in the morning. Getting your coffee order just right every time is a hard task at hand for many of the chain coffee shops in the Brunswick County Area. We are extremely fortunate to have some of the best locally owned and operated coffee shops in the state of North Carolina right here on Oak Island and in Southport. Whether you're like me and you treat your coffee like a dessert, or you just want a shot of espresso to wake you up in the morning, these shops have it all! Read about our top 5 picks to get your coffee on in Oak Island and in Southport. We can barely espresso our excitement!

Beach Bonfire Do's and Dont's

When the temperatures drop, there's simply nothing better than sitting by a crackling fire with your toes in the sand. If you're planning to have a beach bonfire this season, make sure you know how to apply for a bonfire permit and how to stay safe while enjoying your s'mores by the shore!

Fun Facts About Oysters

You probably know whether you like oysters or not, but how much more do you really know about them? Dig a bit deeper to find out more about these fascinating creatures.

christmas celebration on the beach, holiday celebration on the beach

A Christmas spent shoreside is something everyone should try out. The beach tends to be low on most peoples' lists when they think of holiday escapes. The secret locals know well is that the winter months (and the holiday season) on Oak Island and in Southport enjoy average temperatures of 59°F and just seven days total of rain in December.

oak island fishing

The Southport - Oak Island area is a world-class destination for fishing. Both pier fisherman and offshore anglers and everyone in between, including beginners love all the options for hooking the season's catch. In addition, the many streams, creeks, and tributaries make for incredible fresh...