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Hurricane Idalia Effects Expected Tonight and Tomorrow

Hurricane Idalia is expected to reach our area this afternoon and throughout the night. Forecasted impacts to our area include tropical storm force winds, coastal flooding, heavy rainfall, and hazardous marine conditions. Per a recent Town of Oak Island update call, winds are projected to be 35- to 40-mph with gusts up to 65-mph and we are expected to receive between 2 and 5 inches of rain. The Town will have crews out monitoring the beachfront, especially during high tides. 

We do not expect any evacuation orders.

MRA Operations & Updates

The Southport office of Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS® will be closed Thursday, August 31, 2023. The Oak Island office is expected to open at 8:30am and close at 5:00pm, per normal business hours. At this time, we anticipate that the Oak Island office will have limited staffing in place due to the path of the storm. As a result of this limited staffing, we ask that calls to the Oak Island office follow the instructions in the greeting. We will ask that any general rental or sales inquiries leave a message. Guests on property or arriving in the next 48 hours, and/or time-sensitive calls, will be connected with a staff member.

MRA Guest Information


If you are an MRA guest currently occupying an MRA vacation rental, we would like to ask for your assistance in relocating any light exterior furniture from the porches and decks into the property. Any rocking chairs can be turned over. Additionally, if you are able, we ask that you remove any umbrellas or shades. If you feel that you will need assistance with any of those items, please contact the office by phone call to 800-486-5441. Please note that we do not expect you to move any of the heavy furniture.


At this time, we anticipate operating under normal business operations for the remainder of the week. This also means that we expect to welcome arrivals on Wednesday and Thursday. Please remember that arrivals are generally permitted between 3pm and 5pm; however, you should wait until you receive a text or email notification from the office before proceeding to your rented property.

Guests arriving to their rented properties on Thursday, and possibly through the weekend, could arrive to find light exterior furniture, umbrellas, and shades inside the home as a result of storm preparations.

**In addition to the above, local municipalities will monitor the potential impacts of the storm surge. If it becomes necessary, municipalities may turn off the sewer pumps in certain areas of the island to better manage the inundation of water. If this disruption occurs, MRA will make every effort to notify affected guests as quickly as possible through email or text communications. As always, during any storm we ask that you try and conserve water as much as is feasible until the storm passes.**

**All guests should also be aware that Saturday trash and recycling pick-ups for the island have been canceled by GFL Environmental, Inc.**

Storm Information

To receive the most up-to-date information on Idalia and its potential impacts, please visit one or more of the following sources. In addition, MRA guests are encouraged to monitor email and/or their mobile phones for updates, and are urged to pay close attention to this Adverse Weather & Storm Updates page of our website and our Facebook account for updates.