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22 Feb 2024
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Oak Island Trip Planning

When planning a vacation, regardless of where you’re going, the amenities most certainly play a role in deciding where you’ll stay. And when you get amenities without adding anything to the rental cost, it’s even better! Because, let’s face it, is it really an amenity if you have to pay for that candy basket or bottle of champagne? At Margaret Rudd & Associates, we’ve thought of innovative ways to add value to our homes and create vacation rentals your family will want to return to year after year. With unique amenities that make your vacation more convenient, accessible, and fun, we’re elevating your Oak Island getaway from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out these unique amenities at your Oak Island vacation rental and start planning your next coastal vacation today! 

Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Eco-Minded Oak Island Vacationer

man charging electric car at home

The first modern electric car went to market in 2010, and since then, they’ve only continued to gain popularity. Whether you’re in a state that offers tax breaks for efforts to lower your carbon footprint or you want an environmentally friendly way to commute, the reasons for driving an electric car are as varied as the options these days. From Tesla to Chevrolet, you can find electric vehicles that are just as affordable as gas-powered cars, and with the increased infrastructure to allow for convenient charging options, it’s easier than ever to utilize these cars for everything from short grocery trips to cross-country excursions. With more than 2.4 million electric vehicle drivers in the United States as of 2024, placing electric car chargers in vacation rentals has become a valued addition. If you’re looking for this unique amenity at your Oak Island vacation rental, check out these homes!

Relaxing Swim Spas to Enhance Your Oak Island Stay

swim spa at vacation rental Slow-N-Steady

Offering the best of both worlds, swim spas are a popular hybrid that blends the fun of a pool with the relaxation of a hot tub. Often smaller, these compact systems allow for the cooling or heating of water in a short time, so whether the kids want to splash around after washing off the salt and sand or you want to enjoy the relaxing heated jets at the end of a long day in the sun, you can customize the experience you desire. From homes with traditional pools and hot tubs to those with these innovative swim spas, you can find the vacation rental that suits your needs at Margaret Rudd & Associates. Experience this delightfully unique amenity when you book either of these Oak Island vacation rentals with swim spas:

Canal Access from Your Oak Island Vacation Rental

vacation rental with view of dock over canal

Oak Island, a small barrier island on the coast of the Atlantic about 30 miles south of Wilmington, has some of the most stunning landscapes in the southeast. With miles of expansive oceanfront coastline as well as beautiful marshland, picturesque views, and relaxing scenery are always waiting outside your window. If you’re looking to enjoy classic Oak Island activities like fishing, boating, paddleboarding, or crabbing during your stay and want the added convenience of being able to do all those things without leaving your vacation rental, choosing a home with a pier or dock is the way to go. Not only do you get the perk of a more tucked-away, peaceful vacation, but you also get to experience a different side of Oak Island, one usually saved for locals and those searching for stays off the beaten path. So, load up your fishing poles and toss in your inflatable paddleboard because these Oak Island vacation rentals with docks and piers offer some of the most incredible stays in the area. Check them out below and book an Oak Island home with this unique amenity on your next trip!

Book Your Oak Island Vacation Today!

blue heron vacation rental in Oak Island

Unique amenities at your Oak Island vacation rental have the power to enhance your stay and make your trip one you’ll both fully enjoy and remember forever. Whether you’re looking for the convenience and cost-saving benefits of a home with an electric car charger, the relaxation that comes from sinking into a soothing swim spa, or the fun and activities you can do from your very own back deck or pier, at Margaret Rudd & Associates, we have the perfect place for you. Browse our available Oak Island vacation rentals and book your dream home today.