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Idalia Forecast to Reach Hurricane Status

As reported, Tropical Storm Idalia is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane and make landfall along Florida’s Gulf Coast by Wednesday. Idalia is expected to continue along the southeastern coast and to pass the Southport and Oak Island areas throughout the latter part of Wednesday and Thursday.

It is too early to make specific claims as to Idalia’s impact on our immediate area, but we do expect unsettled weather throughout Wednesday evening and all day Thursday. Potential impacts could include batches of locally heavy showers, localized poor drainage flooding, isolated gusty storms, and heavy surf and rip currents.

At this point in time, we do not expect any evacuation orders.

Business As Usual

At this time, MRA expects to operate under normal business circumstances on both Wednesday, August 30th and Thursday, August 31st.

Arriving guests and guests already on property during this timeframe should follow normal arrival procedures. If this changes, MRA will notify you by email and/or text message.

Guests arriving on Wednesday or Thursday may find that some pre-emptive actions have been taken prior to their arrival, or could be asked to assist us in taking such actions, to protect the property from the storm. An example of a protective action taken could be bringing deck furniture inside the home and/or turning all outdoor furniture on its side to protect it from the wind.

Storm Information

To receive the most up-to-date information on Idalia and its potential impacts, please visit one or more of the following sources. In addition, MRA guests are encouraged to monitor email and/or their mobile phones for updates, and are urged to pay close attention to this Adverse Weather & Storm Updates page of our website and our Facebook account for updates.