Recipe of the Month – Spanish Pulled Pork Tacos (Slowcooker Style)

Whether your on vacation or not, making simple yet tasty meal is always a plus!

These Spanish pulled pork tacos put the slow cooker to work, while you enjoy the beach! This is a great (and easy) recipe that is absolutely full of flavor and light on effort! Spanish rice and seasoned black beans are great additions to this meal.


1 large white onion, large chopped
1 pork tenderloin
1 bottle of Goya Mojo Criollo (in the Latin foods section of grocery)
6-inch corn or flour tortillas, warmed

For garnish:

Avocado slices
Lime wedges
Sour cream


Put the chopped onion, pork tenderloin and entire bottle of Mojo Criollo in the crock pot (if needed, add water or a beer to make sure the entire pork tenderloin is covered). Cook on high for one hour and then cook on low for at least 3-4 hours (or until pork is fork tender and easily shreds). When ready to eat, remove pork from crock pot,  shred it and serve it on a platter (pour the delicious juice from the crock pot over the pork).

Warm the tortillas so that they are pliable, place the pork in the tortilla and dress with your selection of garnishments!

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