Simple Updates to Refresh Your Rental Property

Is your vacation rental property as good as it can be?

Do you know it needs a few updates, but feel the money, time and effort isn’t worth it since it continues to rent pretty regularly?

The vacation rental market is highly competitive in coastal communities and if your home isn’t comparable then it can be quickly overlooked or only rented as a last resort. This doesn’t bode well for repeat guests and leaves you open to lower rents and higher vacancies – especially in the slower winter months.

But updating your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Of course, it can be if you’re going the full gut and remodel route, but we’re talking about updates to the home’s aesthetics – the things that make it look great in pictures and make your guests feel comfortable and “at home”. Today we are offering Paint and Bedding tips, but each month we’ll discuss additional ways to spruce up your home so you can be ready for next season’s rental market!


One of the most important elements in revamping and refreshing a home for mass appeal is painting. Paint can set the theme of your home by creating a mood and unifying the décor. On the flip side, paint can also make it look dated, cheap and even dizzying if you choose the wrong color – so take some guidance from the experts. Coastal Living Magazine asked some of their best designers for their favorite coastal home paint combinations and you can see their recommendations by clicking here.


Before and after photo of painting over paneling - great for a rental property

Before and After from blog – painting over paneling brightens a room and looks great!

  • Use a satin or semi-gloss finish. Satin is washable, but not scrub-able (good for halls, living rooms, bedrooms). Semi-gloss is a higher sheen and is washable and scrub-able (good for bathrooms and kitchens and high-traffic foyers).
  • Hire a professional – it’s worth every penny. Painting is something we all think we can DIY, but it will go much faster, be much cleaner and look so much better if we use a pro!
  • It is okay to paint over paneling – it actually looks really great and gives the walls an eye-catching texture. See this before and after photo from the blog – it’s hard to believe that is even the same room!


If you’re familiar with Westin hotels and resorts, then you know their “Heavenly Bed” concept and if you’ve slept in one, then you’re likely a fan. Westin did numerous studies and determined that a clean, uncluttered, all-white bed gave guests a sense that the room had just been renovated and that they could leave the stress of the world behind.

Now perhaps all-white bedding isn’t perfect for most of us unless you have industrial washing machines, a housekeeping staff and plenty of Clorox, but a similar affect can be created by using solid, light-color bedspreads and matching pillows or accents. If solid isn’t your style, there are many great ways to incorporate pattern and color in today’s design trends. The idea is simply to create a place of comfort and relaxation for your guests. Just because they are at the beach doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice a good night’s sleep!

Here is an excellent example of how to create a great beach house bedroom from the House of Turquoise blog:

From - a perfect example of simple, clean bedding in a rental property

From – a perfect example of simple, clean bedding in a coastal cottage


  • If you haven’t changed your bedding or pillows in five years, it’s definitely time to update – no ifs, ands or buts.
  • Get a bed skirt to create a finished look. There is nothing inviting about cold, metal bed frame legs.
  • If you need a new headboard, there are hundreds of DIY ways to update your current headboard or create a new one. Click here for inspiration!

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here and we look forward to sharing more tips with your next month. If you have some great before and after photos of updates that you’ve done, we’d love to share them! Please send them to

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