I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Sweet Summertime Memories

Be honest, there was NOTHING in this world like hearing the sound of the ice cream truck coming down your neighborhood road. It was a marker for summertime and a bowl of excitement served right at the end of your driveway. To this day, seeing a group of kids crowded around that tiny window, waiting patiently for their turn to order brings a smile to my face.

As a child, I remember walking to the nearest ice cream shop, sitting at a picnic table, and enjoying a waffle cone – all while chocolate ice cream dripped down my hand over my wrist. It was just too hot to keep up with all of the melting. Even now, I chuckle standing behind fellow parents busily wiping away what they can, only to give up entirely. What’s a little cookies-and-cream on your tie-dye tee anyway?

With temperatures reaching 90-degrees (and heat indexes of over 100-degrees), people are searching high and low for ways to cool down. While Oak Island and Southport has a lot of great ways to stay cool, the area comes well-populated with ice cream and frozen yogurt shops sure to quench your craving.


Flava’s Ice Cream Shop | 310 W Bay Street | 910-457-5150
Flava’s is located right off of the waterfront in downtown Southport and offers flavors outside of the ordinary. Stop by this spot after dining on peel-and-eat shrimp at the ever popular Provision Company.

Spike’s Dairy Bar | 201 N Howe Street | 910-457-7611
With premium ingredients and homemade ice cream, Spike’s is the perfect location for local shakes, floats as well as hot dogs and more. Grab a quick milkshake while strolling down the streets of Southport and in between boutiques.

The Fuzzy Peach | 5130 Southport-Supply Road | 910-363-4180
If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wait in line for your fro-yo, look no further than The Fuzzy Peach. This self-serve shop offers the usual suspects as well as unique seasonal flavors along with a buffet of toppings. Enjoy your cup while sitting outside on the deck while the kids play corn hole. (Pro Tip: Try the vanilla with fresh strawberries, cheesecake bites, and granola crumbles! Yum!)

Oak Island

Frosty’s Ice Cream | 8600 E Oak Island Drive | 910-278-7787
Frosty’s Ice Cream Shop is a favorite for many guests each year. This local hang out offers traditional scoops as well as a variety of other items sure to touch your tourist-heart!

Sunset Slush Classic Italian Ice | 8316 E Oak Island Drive | 910-619-7724
If the cream is not your thing, how about some Italian ice to cool you down? Sunset Slush began as a pushcart operation serving folks in Brunswick County and has grown to a business of 16 locations across the country. You may be able to catch a pushcart going up and down the sand while you take in the heat, but can always stop by their retail store if you’ve come in from the shore.

Lil & John’s Sweetreat | 6324 E Oak Island Drive | 910-250-1836
This family-owned and operated shop handcrafts their ice cream on-site each day with help of local organic dairy farmers and the freshest fruits and ingredients available! If you’re into sharing or possess a stomach the size of a ship, try out their Titanic for Two and eat until your heart’s content!

Dairy Queen | 5701 E Oak Island Drive | 910-278-5371
As if we even need to describe this queen of cool… Dairy Queen has been in business for more than 70 years serving up delicious soft serve and craving-satisfying goodies. Locals claim it’s hard to pass up a chocolate-dipped cone even in the dead of winter!

Tropical Treats | 5811 E Oak Island Drive | 910-278-9311
Eat-in or have a seat at this colorful, tropical-inspired spot! Offering the normal options, Tropical Treats take their guest service a bit further by offering sugar-free ice cream, fudge and free “pup cups” for your four-legged family members.

OKI Scoop Shop | 4922 E Oak Island Drive
Stop by this cute ice cream shop for delectable flavors and homemade waffle cones. Reviews describe their ice cream as rich and flavorful with a silky smooth texture. Located right next to the BBQ House, it’s the perfect spot for a sweet treat after getting your fill of pulled pork and corn nuggets.

The next time you find yourself on the hunt for some frigid-goodness, stop by one of our local favorites. Share photos of you and your family enjoying your frosty treats during your Oak Island getaway with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc. over on our Facebook page!

Here’s to sweet summertime memories!

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