5 Reasons You Should Stay In An Oak Island Vacation Rental

Where Would You Rather Spend Your Oak Island Vacation

Vacation rentals are in high demand with the current popularity of sites like Airbnb. Visitors realize that staying in a vacation rental property provides benefits that they simply cannot get from booking a hotel.

I Need My Space

Space is an often sacrificed commodity when it comes to saving the almighty dollar. Unless you fork out the big bucks – your family is usually packed into a guest room. You eat, sleep and tiptoe around one another. You may spread yourselves over two guest rooms, doing the same cramped dance while coordinating meals and sleeping arrangements between the two rooms.

When it comes to renting a vacation rental property, you get free run of the entire property (aside from the occasional off-limits storage area). Imagine the space your family can enjoy staying in a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home complete with ample parking and a covered oceanfront porch!

Home Away From Home

Vacation rentals are often secondary homes for property owners. They include all of the comforts of home (i.e., kitchen utensils and dishes, washers and dryers, full-sized dining areas and tables, etc.). They also offer much of the same amenities (i.e., WiFi, cable television, books, DVD libraries, etc.). Hotels with even the largest cable offerings and wireless internet cannot compete when you can have all of that plus a large game room.

“Family” Includes Fido

Golden Retriever At The Beach - Bring Your Dog to Oak IslandSimply put, pets are family members and they enjoy a getaway like the rest of us. Unfortunately, many hotels carry strict no-pet policies. Those fortunate enough to find a hotel within a convenient distance from their vacation destination still battle size restrictions and limitations on where the animal can actually roam. Oftentimes, vacationers are forced to pay to have them boarded.


While the same can be true for vacation rentals, an increasing number of property owners offer their properties as pet-friendly homes. Rather than leaving Fido at home, choosing a pet-friendly Oak Island vacation rental is as easy as a simple search. In these homes, Fido has full run of the home including enclosed yards and porches. He/she can enjoy the vacation right along with the family. Who says your four-legged family member can’t enjoy the beach, too?

Eat In Comfort

Staying in a hotel usually offers two options for dining. Guests spend additional money to dine at nearby eateries or in an on-site restaurant. Or, they order room service or outside food and eat it at a cramped “dining” table while struggling not to knock drinks off of the table.

Booking a vacation rental property offers guests full-size everything, from appliances to dining room tables and/or breakfast bars. Guests can still choose to dine or buy food from elsewhere but there is additional comfort in knowing they can come “home” and prepare a family meal. For our vacationers here on the coast – there’s nothing like grabbing a few pounds of fresh shrimp for the grill to really get the Oak Island vacation experience.

Share The Wealth

Share The Cost of Your Oak Island VacationVacation rentals catch a bad rap when it comes to price. People balk at the cost of a $2,000 per week rental home but rarely look at it in comparison to a hotel stay. Take the same 4-bedroom home mentioned above where 4 couples could comfortably stay for a 7-night vacation. If they split the rental cost equally among the 4 couples, it would essentially come to $500 per couple for an entire week or approximately $71.43 per person per night.

At Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., we keep our guests in mind by offering a selection of properties where the fee-incurring “extras” like linens and departure cleaning are an option. Giving vacationers the flexibility of whether to include or exclude these items also allows us to keep our rental rates lower. (As an example, we currently give our guests the option of choosing a $35 non-refundable vacation damage plan in lieu of the traditional $400 refundable security deposit.)

Considering the benefits – even those not mentioned in our Top 5 – a vacation rental may be a more valuable option for your Oak Island vacation. Take time to enjoy the island, relaxing in your home away from home while hopefully saving a bit of money in the process.

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