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National Travel and Tourism Week 2023

May 7th through the 13th will mark the 40th anniversary of NTTW. This year we celebrate how integral travel is to every industry and everything we do, especially in a popular travel destination like the Southport and Oak Island areas. Our recovery is the nation's recovery, and travel is essential to a future of growth and innovation.

Book Direct Day 2023

Beyond hidden fees, there are notable disadvantages to booking your accommodation through an OTA. For one, you don't receive that locally curated, boots-on-the-ground service and insider experience that booking with a vacation rental or property management company, like Margaret Rudd & Associates (MRA) offers.

2023 National Plan for Vacation Day

Whether we earn personal time off at a rate determined by our employer or we’re granted a specific amount of days off each year, we consistently leave time on the table. Those who travel report being happier in all areas of their lives, with even the act of planning a vacation contributing to overall well-being. Join MRA as we celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day and encourage everyone to plan ahead this year.

How to Celebrate Galentine's Day in Southport-Oak Island

Honor the women in your life this Valentine's Day with a Galentine's Day filled with good times, laughs, some bubbly and quality time around town in Southport and Oak Island. Check out this list of fantastic ideas for your own Galentine's Day celebration!

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine this Year Oak Island Southport NC

As we ring in the New Year, many are focused on their personal development and growth. Then, all of a sudden, BAM! It's Valentine's Day. To help you plan the most romantic and special "love" day, we've compiled a list of 10 gifts and experiences for the sweetest of days!

holiday at the beach

As temperatures drop in the northern U.S., the days are shorter, and more time is spent indoors, Coastal Carolina is experiencing milder temperatures and weather. Average highs around Thanksgiving and Christmas range from 59°F to 65°F, with lows varying from 42°F to 47°F. Beautiful beaches and...